The overwhelm of consistently posting new art on social media

If the answer is YES, you NEED to read this… 👇

A lot of artists feel the pressure of having to post new art almost every day, or at least on a weekly basis. You’re not alone. And the speed of social media and how art is being consumed nowadays puts a lot of pressure on us.

This concept inevitably leads to art blocks and depression, because it’s simply not natural for us to always feel inspired, motivated and creative. But social media makes us think that it is.

This unhealthy relationship we have with social media is hurting us, and I want to spark a conversation around these topics.

In my most recent podcast episode, I crash some popular myths, and give you a big virtual hug of motivation 🤗

💛 Your art is timeless
💛 People that follow you are there to see you, no matter what you bring to them

To hear me talk in more details about this and give you prompts and advice on how to overcome the overwhelm of social media, listen to episode 05 of The Blossoming Creative podcast by heading to the link in my bio or searching The Blossoming Creative on your favourite podcast player!


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